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Travel Photo Blog

Sunset Self Portrait at Moraine Lake.

Self-Portrait at Moraine Lake, Alberta

Welcome to my first travel photo blog post! My name is Heather K Jones and I am a landscape photographer sharing the moving (and often amusing) stories behind my art here on this blog.

I create fine art photographs for people who are moved by beautiful natural landscapes.  My photo art brings a sense of calm, serenity and motivation to indoor spaces when displayed as wall art.

My inspiring landscape photographs from Vancouver Island and around the world are available for online order on canvas, paper, metal and acrylic over in the store. Picture framing and matting are also available through the convenient online store with the unique wall preview tool to make your selection easier.

Some people have children, I have adventures. My adventures are my babies! Does that sound “out-there”? I spend all my disposable income on them, they keep me up nights and they fill me with joy and frustration all at the same time. Sounds about right…I just don’t have the physical wounds of childbirth 🙂 (note to parents everywhere, I know it’s not really comparable!!)

Itchy Feet

Dawn at Smith Rock, Oregon.

Dawn at Smith Rock, Oregon

My roots were rich with the exploration spirit. Mum was raised on the remote Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and after completing her nursing degree moved to the tiny central Canadian town of Kenora, Ontario where she built a highly respected nursing career and set down her own roots by spawning myself and my younger Sister after meeting our charming Father. If that’s not adventurous I’m not sure what is? Growing up our family did our fair share of traveling around mostly back and forth to Stornoway to visit my Mum’s family that she was always so homesick for. I started traveling on my own at a young age as well, signing up for as many school trips as I could, starting with short nearby trips to Toronto and Quebec City and culminating with the trip of a lifetime to Egypt, France and the Netherlands with my high school travel club. I had the fever bad, and there was no cure!

Back of Beyond


Second Beach, La Push, Washington 

My parents were both adventurous travelers as well and on our many trips to Scotland we would borrow my Mum’s cousin’s car while she was working and off we’d go exploring the ancient sites of the Isle of Lewis, such as the Standing Stones of Callanish, Carloway Broch, and the never to be forgotten single path mountain-goat trail they call “the road to Huisinish” Yikes! On some of these adventures my Granny MacKenzie would come along with us. A very conservative lady she was and her discomfort with our adventuring ways would often be expressed in her thick accent “ach we’re in the back of beyond!”  That phrase has always stuck with me and I’ve often thought of her during some of my recent adventures where I’ve found myself truly in the “Back of Beyond”.  I look forward to visiting some of those magical places again on the Isle of Lewis when we travel there this September! It will be my first visit back since shortly before we lost our Mum to cancer in 1987. Unbelievably I am the same age now that she was when she passed so this trip will be especially poignant. Pics & tales to follow…

Photography & Travel

Sunrise view of the Manhattan skyline with the rising sun glowing on the buildings.

Sunrise view of the Manhattan skyline

I always loved taking photos even as a kid. I recently realized that the things that inspired me to take photos back then are the same things that inspire me now. Beautiful landscapes and especially new places I am exploring for the first time. I have made travel a significant focus in my personal life and I’ve noticed lately that my camera doesn’t tend to come out of the bag unless I’m on the road to somewhere new. So you see, the photography inspires the travel and vise versa. And the destination doesn’t have to be terribly far or exotic, it just has to be a place where I can explore, get inspired and have some serious intimate times with my camera.

Purpose of this Travel Photo Blog


My Nephew Davis lighting up the Milky Way at Fairy Lake

As the Care Bears taught us, “Sharing is Caring”…When travelling and exploring it’s amazing how much is learned and if my experiences and photos can inspire others to stretch outside of their comfort zones then it will have been worth the effort to put my experiences out there on the inter-webs.  The types of travel I do ranges from backpacking trips, kayak camping, road trips and long distance overseas travel all with photography as a focus.  I will be posting articles sharing specific photo locations, tips, logistics and of course the photos taken along the way.

I have plenty of past travel adventures from near and far to share as well as a number of exciting future destinations planned so please be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to receive exclusive monthly updates directly to your inbox. I promise no spam and your privacy will be fiercely protected. I welcome your comments and look forward to connecting with you!


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4 thoughts on “Travel Photo Blog

  1. Great photos Heather and I will be watching for more. Iceland is a country I would love to go to. Will you have a guide there or on your own?


    1. Thanks so much Barry! We are very excited for Iceland. We will be our own guides, living out of a car/tenting for 8 nights! I have many pins on my map and will try to hit up as many as possible. Stay tuned 🙂

  2. I love all your photos you share! And im following your photo blog now. Signed up. Im travelling through you. You would have many photo ops down in Eastern PA and and the mountains of WV also. I actually would love to see a phot you take of the Pittsburgh city skyline and bridges! Anyhoo. Have fun my friend.

    1. Thank you so much my friend! I would love to travel to and photograph your neck of our tiny blue marble! We have plans to do a six-month RV tour in the future and many US destinations are on our list. Hopefully the CAD dollar will get stronger to make US travel more affordable for us again. Would so love to meet up with you. Thanks so much for your support Serena! xo

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