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Reykjavik Iceland



It may be the jet-lag and it may be the Viking Lager or perhaps the wonderful birthday conversation I had with Dear Old Dad earlier today marking his 70-something birthday. He is so excited for my visit to Lewis and the reminiscing of times and loved ones past has emotions running pretty high!  The memories of our family trips to Scotland before Mum passed are all coming to the surface now for me and the anticipation of re-tracing the same journey we all did as a family together so many years ago is really building. God knows how I will ever be able to see the shores of Lewis as we approach on the Cal Mac Ferry through the inevitable tears that have already begun to flow. It’s all cathartic though, right?? 

But it will be a long 10 days until I set foot on the Isle of Lewis and in the meantime I will be drinking up every drop of pristine raw beauty this ancient volcanic land has to offer.

Here is the view from our hotel in Reykjavik Iceland looking towards the harbour with the colourful lights of the Concert Hall and light trails of passing cars on this rainy Sunday Evening:

Reykjavik Iceland Concert Hall:


Tomorrow we pick up our rental car and we will be checking off as many pins on the map below in the next 9 days as possible. Starting in the West of Iceland we hope to visit Kirkjufell and Dynjandi, then moving on to the spectacular South Iceland Coast. Living out of the rental and tenting along the way. Cannot wait to visit some of the most spectacular landscapes I have dreamed of visiting in person.


All for now!

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2 thoughts on “Reykjavik Iceland

  1. I’ll be following along every step of the way. thanks for sharing your adventure Heather xo

    1. Ah thank you Jenny!! xo

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