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Iceland Waterfalls

selfoss waterfall-iceland-heather-k-jones

There is certainly no shortage of Iceland waterfalls and below is by no means an exhaustive list. There are many prominent Iceland waterfalls that we either did not make it to, or the weather was horrible or we simply got lost and missed a couple. Oh and I took a bunch of shots at Godafoss and can’t find the image files anywhere! Oops…

Below are my top ten Iceland waterfalls that we had the pleasure to visit on our recent trip.

10) Hundafoss


9) Windswept Waterfall

The ever driving winds of Iceland picks up a small waterfall and takes it skyward.


8) Dettifoss


7) Mystery Falls

Our GPS took us on a sketchy shortcut which led us through thick fog over a mountain pass. It was there atop the mountain where we found this nameless waterfall.


6) Skógafoss


5) Selfoss


4) Seljalandsfoss


3) Seljalandsfoss (from the back)


2) Dynjandi


1) Dynjandi

I loved it so much I listed it twice 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this look at some of my favourite Iceland waterfalls. There are so many waterfalls there I will have to make a trip back for the rest!

To see the rest of my images from our Iceland trip please check out my Iceland Gallery. If you missed my previous posts Iceland Trip Report and West Fjords please have a look at those too!

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2 thoughts on “Iceland Waterfalls

  1. Beautiful photos. Ypu have good eye for photography. We look forward to seeing more pictures. June and Ray

    1. Thank you June and Ray! I appreciate your feedback and thanks for taking a look at my work.

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