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Iceland Trip Report


Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see my top 11 photos from our tour of Iceland.

We have completed the entire Ring Road around the circumference of Iceland plus a stunning side trip to the West Fjords. More on that area later. Before we get to the photos, please enjoy some interesting stats from our time in Iceland:

– Total days: 10
– Kms driven: 2154
– Sheep near-misses: 3
– Elevation range covered: 164m below to 494 above sea level
– Waterfalls viewed: hundreds
– Waterfalls visited: 15
– Hot pools we soaked our arses in: 8
– Nights we slept in the back of the Skoda: 9
– Days I wore a bra: 0
– Aurora sightings: 2
– Unmanned N1 Gas Stations: 6
– Times GPS tried to f*ck us over: 3
– Days with rain: all (at some point)
– Days with wind at our back: 10
– Days with wind at our front: 10
– Meals eaten in restaurants: 4
– Days we ate like college kids: 8
– Viking Beer consumed: 2 doz
– Wine consumption: undisclosed
– Signs of Corporate America (outside Reykjavik): 0
– Troll sightings: 7
– Selfies taken: 0
– Tourist selfies witnessed: 892
– Tourist selfies I photo-bombed: 13
– Evasive maneuvers taken to avoid selfie-taking hipster dufus’ stopped in the middle of the road: 9
– Times we got cut off by oblivious tourist drivers: 13
– Red-roofed Icelandic Churches: 25
– Place-names we couldn’t pronounce: 7,347
– Favourite region: West Fjords
– Times I froze my ass off taking photos: 742
– Times our mind was blown: countless

My Top 11 Iceland Photos:

I really wanted to narrow this down to 10 but I’m odd so let’s go with an odd-numbered list. Below are my top 11 favourite places visited in the past 10 days in Iceland:

11) Mud pots, Geysers, Hot Springs and Fumaroles in the Hverir volcanic area of Iceland.

Mud pots, Geysers, Hot Springs and Fumaroles in the Hverir volcanic area of Iceland.

10) Found along the Golden Circle in Iceland, the Strokkur Geysir rivals Old Faithfull shooting boiling water 70 feet into the air.


9) Gamla Laugin (Secret Lagoon) ~ a natural geothermal hot spring in Fludir, Iceland.


8) The Icelandic Church in Vik shrouded in Fog.


7) Iceberg floating to sea at Jokulssarlon Glacial Lagoon, Iceland.


6) Black sand beaches and sea stacks in Vik, Iceland.


5) Skógafoss waterfall, Iceland.


4) Geothermal mineral baths in Myvatn, Iceland.


3) Lady Aurora paid us a visit while camping at Blonduous, Iceland.


2) Epic waterfall Dynjandi in the West Fjords, Iceland.


1) Looking out over the Fjord at Dynjandi, West Fjords, Iceland.


There is so much more to share but I hope you enjoyed these highlights. Please read more about my adventures in Jokulsarlon , Reykjavik and our first Iceland Aurora sighting.  Thanks for taking a look!

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6 thoughts on “Iceland Trip Report

  1. Epic indeed! Love your pics, your blogs, and especially….your sense of humour:) Haste ye forward and haste ye back!

    1. Thank you my Queen! Glad you are enjoying it 🙂

  2. Exactly what I hoped this blog would do – make me laugh and feel like I visited Iceland, without having to battle the wind in my hair…
    Great job Heather. You’re hired!

    1. Excellent news Mr. Trump! When do I start? And do I get an expense account?
      p.s. what hair? 😉

  3. What a fantastic Blog. I have been to Iceland 3 times and enjoyed it all. My pictures were not as good as yours so I am sharing yours with my close friends when we gather together. You live in such a beautiful part of Canada, and I imagine a photographers paradise. May I add Iceland is as well. Everything you listed is so true, especially the one about 7,000+ road signs that can not be read nor pronounced. That was why we went on tour by bus, leaving the driving to an Icelander!

    1. Thank you so much Judy! Yes Vancouver Island is a photographer’s paradise as well but the variety in Iceland is tough to match isn’t it? Stay tuned here as I am planning some posts about Vancouver Island that you may be interested in too. Thanks for sharing my work with your friends. Cheers!

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