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Iceland Aurora


We left Reykjavik early this afternoon after securing our rental car and supplying ourselves with food and beverages for one week of life on the road. We were still feeling really exhausted from the jet lag and synapses were not firing at optimal levels which made simple tasks like driving and navigating super challenging!

We had originally planned to head to NW Iceland but upon seeing the weather forecast for “very much rain” in that region we opted to head to the South Coast instead which seemed to have a somewhat less gloomy outlook. Still, the drive was so difficult with strong winds that could rip a car door off it’s hinges and relentless scotch-mist rain making visibility negligible.  We also found ourselves too exhausted to continue by mid-afternoon and literally had to stop at the side of the road for a two hour nap! That did wonders though. 

We have had cellular service this whole time and I read there was a strong solar storm with high probability of seeing the Aurora Borealis from Northern Europe tonight. But with the weather as it was today we had zero expectation of seeing any lights on this wet, windy night. We set up camp late this evening after spending a few hours warming up and relaxing at the nearby outdoor baths – which are pretty much everywhere in Iceland by the way.  Much to our surprise and excitement though, for literally moments, the sky did open up and give us a teaser of the celestial dance happening just beyond the clouds. It is so frustrating to know there is an electric aurora show going on above that we cannot see!  But did we ever feel blessed to be offered even the briefest of glances. I must admit when I saw purple and I saw green on my LCD screen I did squeal like a kid and jump in the air with glee. Good thing, there were no witnesses other than us 🙂


Northern Lights

When we noticed the parting of the clouds and the dancing lights above, as brief as it was, I had my camera ready. I took several shots over the course of about an hour but only the first frame I took captured any lights in the sky. I kept checking the sky for the next couple hours and it totally closed in with clouds. 

I titled this photo “Window to the Sky”. Ever since we saw the charismatic uber-talented one-man band that is Kim Churchill this summer at Rock the Shores in Victoria I have been listening to his music relentlessly, much to the chagrin of my better half who also enjoys his music but perhaps not to the same obsessive level of repetition as do I. One of my favourite songs of his is “Window to the Sky” So, when I was processing this photo tonight in the back of our rental car we both clicked when I exclaimed “this is Window to the Sky!!”

“To my window to the sky and I’m thankful for you today” ~ Kim Churchill

Ah ok I guess I can sleep now. Good Night, and Good Light!

UPDATE: We were also treated to a wonderful Iceland aurora while camped at Blonduous Iceland:


Iceland Aurora in Blonduous.

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