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BC Fall Colours versus Ontario


Anyone who has moved to the West Coast from Eastern Canada will tell you that there is no comparison to be found here to the absolutely stunning fall display that presents itself in late September and October throughout the eastern Canadian boreal forests.  Having grown up in North Western Ontario as well as having lived for 7 years in Eastern Ontario, each fall my heart pangs a bit that I am missing those crisp misty mornings and blazing sugar maples back home. Over the years I have found myself searching out areas where I can enjoy the smells, colours and beauty of fall right here in Victoria.  While fall colours in BC will never compare with the vivid autumn drama to be found in Ontario, the following will do in a pinch for anyone feeling the same as me!

Fall Colours 2015


Tree of Fire in Royal Roads University Japanese Gardens 

Some of the best spots to enjoy fall colours here in Victoria are the many local Japanese Gardens which all feature Japanese Maple trees that produce a vibrant show of fall foliage as the days get shorter.  The shapes of their twisted trunks provide a stunning framework around which their blazing red leaves glow hot in the afternoon sun.

Fall Foliage of Victoria’s Japanese Gardens 

One of my favourite locations for fall colours is the Japanese Gardens at Royal Roads University where you can enjoy the beauty of the gardens peacefully without the crowds that you would find at some of the more well-known gardens in the area.


Autumn Leaves in Royal Roads University Japanese Gardens 


Fall Foliage of Royal Roads University Japanese Gardens 

Another seemingly unknown Japanese Garden in Victoria is found along the Gorge Waterway in Esquimalt Gorge Park. This park is completely free to enter and again there are rarely any crowds.


Fall Colours of Japanese Garden in Esquimalt Gorge Park

Ontario Fall Images

It’s been years since I was able to travel to Ontario during the peak of fall colours but I am planning to do so in 2016 if all works out. There is nothing quite like Fall Rhapsody in Gatineau Park or a canoe trip through Algonquin Park in late September!  Or the annual crimson display of the maple trees planted in honour of the birth of myself and my Sister (many years ago!) by our favourite Uncle on the shore of our family’s camp on the Winnipeg River.  Le Sigh…

The pictures below were taken at the end of October 2013 when I had travelled to Ontario for a conference and took a few days to visit my best friend at her cottage on the Madawaska River, just west of Ottawa. The peak reds were over by that time but the warm glows of orange and yellow were still prominent along the roadsides and trails we traveled. Despite missing the reds, we maintained our own rosy glow through the endless laughter complimented by the fine red wines we enjoyed! Next time, we shall plan it to all coincide with the crimson surge of the sugar maples.


Fall Country drive in Eastern Ontario


Sunset on the Madawaska River


Fall Rains creating puddle reflections on an ATV trail. 


Rolling hills of Eastern Ontario glow with warm fall colours. 

Anyone else out there feeling homesick for the fall colours of Eastern Canada? Where are your favourite places to enjoy fall colours?

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