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Best Vancouver Island Beaches

Looking for the Best Vancouver island Beaches? I would argue that some of the beaches on this list could actually be considered some of the top beaches in the world, let alone the Island. Of course there are many incredible beaches that did not make this list but my favourite type of beach is one that takes a bit of work to get to for those can often be the most beautiful beaches[...]Read More

BC Fall Colours versus Ontario

Anyone who has moved to the West Coast from Eastern Canada will tell you that there is no comparison to be found here to the absolutely stunning fall display that presents itself in late September and October throughout the eastern Canadian boreal forests.  Having grown up in North Western Ontario as well as having lived for 7 years in Eastern Ontario, each fall my heart pangs a bit that I am missing[...]Read More

Travel Photo Year in Review: 25 Incredible Places in 2015

Doing this travel photo year in review piece has really brought home how incredibly fortunate I was to be able to explore so many wonderful locations near and far this year. Each place I visited I was also very lucky to share the experience with those near and dear to my heart! I am so grateful for everything and I really want thank everyone who has followed along since I started[...]Read More

Iceland Aurora

We left Reykjavik early this afternoon after securing our rental car and supplying ourselves with food and beverages for one week of life on the road. We were still feeling really exhausted from the jet lag and synapses were not firing at optimal levels which made simple tasks like driving and navigating super challenging! We had originally planned to head to NW Iceland but upon seeing the weather forecast for[...]Read More

Kludahk Trail Trip Report

Last weekend (May 7, 2016) we had our glamper rig set up at Jordan River and decided to head out for a day trip to try to find the elusive Kludahk Trail on the San Juan Ridge via Jordan Main and North Main logging roads. These roads are heavily used in active logging operations so they were in great shape for us and it was a Saturday so there was[...]Read More

My Intimate Encounter with Icelandic Horses

Icelandic Horses are left to roam in pastures wild and free during the summer months before being rounded up in the fall by their owners, and as a result they are both tame and wild as I would soon learn. Icelandic Horses are everywhere in Iceland. We probably saw thousands of these beautiful animals we had read about leading up to our trip.  During much of our drive around Iceland's Ring Road, I had[...]Read More