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West Fjords Iceland

It’s funny how our Iceland trip ended up taking us to places we hadn’t planned and as is often the case, the unplanned events are often the most memorable. I had so many South Iceland locations on my list that I figured we would spend the majority of our time there before doubling back to Reykjavik at the end of our trip. As I had mentioned in my previous post[...]Read More

Joshua Tree National Park: Thoughts on damage inflicted during USA Government Shutdown

Evening in Joshua Tree National Park ~ Buy Print USA Government Shut-Down Plenty of news reports have been circulating recently stating that Joshua Tree National Park has sustained the MOST amount of damage as a result of the US Government’s recent 35 day shut-down.  National Park gates remained open with free admission to visitors during the shut-down. This resulted in an increase in visitors while the staff it takes to keep these[...]Read More

Iceland Trip Report

Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see my top 11 photos from our tour of Iceland. We have completed the entire Ring Road around the circumference of Iceland plus a stunning side trip to the West Fjords. More on that area later. Before we get to the photos, please enjoy some interesting stats from our time in Iceland: - Total days: 10 - Kms driven: 2154 - Sheep[...]Read More

Iceland Aurora

We left Reykjavik early this afternoon after securing our rental car and supplying ourselves with food and beverages for one week of life on the road. We were still feeling really exhausted from the jet lag and synapses were not firing at optimal levels which made simple tasks like driving and navigating super challenging! We had originally planned to head to NW Iceland but upon seeing the weather forecast for[...]Read More

Travel Photo Blog

Self-Portrait at Moraine Lake, Alberta Welcome to my first travel photo blog post! My name is Heather K Jones and I am a landscape photographer sharing the moving (and often amusing) stories behind my art here on this blog. I create fine art photographs for people who are moved by beautiful natural landscapes.  My photo art brings a sense of calm, serenity and motivation to indoor spaces when displayed as wall[...]Read More

BC Fall Colours versus Ontario

Anyone who has moved to the West Coast from Eastern Canada will tell you that there is no comparison to be found here to the absolutely stunning fall display that presents itself in late September and October throughout the eastern Canadian boreal forests.  Having grown up in North Western Ontario as well as having lived for 7 years in Eastern Ontario, each fall my heart pangs a bit that I am missing[...]Read More