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One of the absolute highlights of our trip to New Zealand was our visit to Cathedral Cove, where we spent the evening walking the beach and exploring the massive sea cave. The sound of the ocean crashing against the rocks along with the fresh sea air were as restorative as any visit to a brick and mortar cathedral. We even cooked our supper here, enjoyed some wine and waited for sunset before being the last two souls to hike the trail back out in the dark. When sunset finally arrived it bathed this already stunning scene with heavenly soft pink light.

New Zealand Trip Highlights

After spending four weeks traveling around the South and North Islands of New Zealand, it’s a bit overwhelming to look back on it all and try to come up with a list of favourite moments or places, but here is my best attempt at selecting our New Zealand Trip Highlights. We drove over 5,000 kms […]

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Milford Sound New Zealand

Getting ThereMilford Sound is in a pretty remote location in Fiordland, along the south west coast of New Zealand’s South Island. The drive from Te Anau to Milford Sound is beyond breathtaking. The drive is long and there are no gas stations, so fill up before you leave Te Anau We were there in late November […]

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selfoss waterfall-iceland-heather-k-jones

Iceland Waterfalls

There is certainly no shortage of Iceland waterfalls and below is by no means an exhaustive list. There are many prominent Iceland waterfalls that we either did not make it to, or the weather was horrible or we simply got lost and missed a couple. Oh and I took a bunch of shots at Godafoss […]

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Isle of Lewis Scotland

I spoke to many people leading up to our trip to Isle of Lewis Scotland and most people were asking “aren’t you going to Edinburgh”? When I would reply “no we are going to Stornoway, on the Isle of Lewis” the inevitable strange looks and raised eyebrows ensued. Most people wouldn’t dream of travelling all […]

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West Fjords Iceland

  Epic waterfall Dynjandi in the West Fjords, Iceland. It’s funny how our Iceland trip ended up taking us to places we hadn’t planned and as is often the case, the unplanned events are often the most memorable. I had so many South Iceland locations on my list that I figured we would spend the […]

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Iceland Trip Report

Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see my top 11 photos from our tour of Iceland. We have completed the entire Ring Road around the circumference of Iceland plus a stunning side trip to the West Fjords. More on that area later. Before we get to the photos, please enjoy some interesting stats […]

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Iceland Aurora

We left Reykjavik early this afternoon after securing our rental car and supplying ourselves with food and beverages for one week of life on the road. We were still feeling really exhausted from the jet lag and synapses were not firing at optimal levels which made simple tasks like driving and navigating super challenging! We […]

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Reykjavik Iceland

REYKJAVIK ICELAND It may be the jet-lag and it may be the Viking Lager or perhaps the wonderful birthday conversation I had with Dear Old Dad earlier today marking his 70-something birthday. He is so excited for my visit to Lewis and the reminiscing of times and loved ones past has emotions running pretty high! […]

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Sunset Self Portrait at Moraine Lake.

Travel Photo Blog

Welcome to my first travel photo blog post! My name is Heather K Jones and I am a landscape photographer sharing the moving (and often amusing) stories behind my art here on this blog. I create fine art photographs for people who are moved by beautiful natural landscapes.  My photo art brings a sense of […]

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